From The Principal's Desk

Respected Parents / Guardians,
      Subh Vandan ||Namaskar||
       Ignorance is the root cause of Unhappiness. We have to banish poverty and unhappiness; we should make efforts to spread Education. The true purpose of Education is not more mastery of academics, but imbibing Traditional values, one’s own culture and spirituality, empowering the child to choose good over bad in every thought and action. It is also imperative that the child realizes his innate talents to the full potential.

Education is meaningless rituals unless it can mold the character of students and give them values of life. We are proud of our great ancient heritage and we have to ensure that our future is no less glorious.

NAHS (NEW ANGELS HOME SCHOOL) modeled on the concept of a holistic values based education and design to promote overall physical, mental and social development. It is our firm belief that education rather than being a burden is a joy and a natural phenomenon for developing young fecund minds.

Good Education is not about hefty and cumbersome satchels filled with heavy books or long hours of tuition, but about allowing imaginations to soar. Our carefully planned academic and non-academic curriculum is designed to promote unfettered learning environment. Our motto is to impart quality education which goes beyond academics and extra-curricular activities to meet those objectives.

With this, I wish all and one a wonderful beginning.

With best wishes from
M.S. Akhtar