NAHS will provide considerable scope for its students to learn and practice a wide variety of co-curricular activities. It will help to explore and expends their horizons, and will help to discovers innate talents. These activities will form part of the school's Education System.
  The school will encourage the students to pursue their interest in sports, literature, performing and fine arts, crafts environmental studies, computers, developments of public Addressable skills, and general knowledge among a host of other distinctive activities. They will be provided advice and guidelines to develop their interest which may have the potential to become their full-time future occupations.
  The school will provide a number of facilities for Outdoor-Sports and Indoor Games with Yoga, Boxing, Wushu, Karate and other Martial arts will be an integral part of the school's physical Education training.
  Recreational Sports as well as intra-mural and other Sporting events will be held through the year under the guidance of experience physical training instructors and coaches.
  The school will lay special emphasis on developing artistic skills among students and will have facilities for pottery, wood and metal work, clay modeling and other traditional crafts.
  Music, Dance and Dramatics will also be an integral part of school life. The students will be encourages to take up any activity with instruction facilities. Workshops will also be organized with leading personalities in respective domains to help students explore their potential.