Celebrations :- The students will observe significant days in the calendar such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Children's Day, Festival from all religion. It will create awareness and interest for traditional Indian Ethos in their Minds.
Excursion :- Education Excursion will be held regularly to areas of ecological, historical and industrial importance. They will help to broaden the minds of the students and develop their confidence. Short Educational visits to nearby places in and around the District/ City/ Area will also be arranged .
Workshops :- A number of workshops and counseling programs will be organized to provide professional services and guidance on academic and personal concerns. The students will thus get a number of opportunities to interact with many renowned personalities on various disciplines.
Social Service :- Community service programs will be organized to offer students the opportunity to experience the problems faced by the underprivileged and also to tech them the value of life and services and to instill sensitivity towards others. Some of these programs will be organized in association with prominent organized in association with prominent social service organizations.
Intra-School competition and other events/competitions on Music and Dance, Histrionics, Literary Efforts, Quiz Contests, Debates, Sports and Athletic, Photography and other Innovative activities will form part of the school calendar.